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Maritime Information Warfare 2018

26-27 November, 2018

London, UK

The SMi Group are delighted to announce our 2nd annual Maritime Information Warfare Conference returning to London this November on the 26th and 27th of November. As data and information drive operational advantage there is now a need for improved leadership and ownership across maritime information exploitation.

Therefore, collection, dissemination and optimisation of maritime data is driving change and improvement across an array of naval systems. Used across the joint environment, this will allow increased decision making in real time and the growth of machine learnt influence over naval platforms and systems.The conference will enable attendees to meet senior Navy Leaders and Maritime Defence Agencies from around the world.

Key Topics will include:

  • Information Exploitation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Cyber Security
  • ISR
  • Big Data
  • C4I
  • Open Source Intelligence Gathering

Warfighter Systems Summit

27-28 November, 2018

Alexandria, Virginia, USA

The Warfighter Systems Summit will take place on the 27th and 28th of November in Alexandria, Virginia. The conference will bring together experts from across the Department of Defense to discuss how to maximize warfighter lethality by improving the combat preparedness, survivability, and resiliency of our nation’s close combat forces. Speakers from the Army, Marines and Special Forces will discuss the most pressing capability gaps and the initiatives aimed at ensuring the US maintains a decisive overmatch at the warfighter and ground level.

Topics to be covered at the 2018 Summit:

  • Equipping Close Combat Forces with Advanced Capabilities to Maximize Overall Lethality 
  • Updating Legacy Systems and Modernizing the PEO Soldier Portfolio  
  • Limiting the Weight and Power Usage of Warfighter Capabilities
  • Introducing Adaptive Soldier Architecture  
  • Developing and Fielding Innovative Day/Night Imaging Tools to Enhance Situational Awareness
  • Designing Protective Gear for Diverse Range of Environmental and Tactical Missions  
  • Delivering Next Generation Weapons to the Warfighter
  • Replacing Obsolete Training Systems and Investing in Modern Training and Simulation Technology 

NCT South America

5-7 February, 2019

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

NCT South America, organized by the CBRNe Society and the Brazilian Army, will take place at Fort Copacabana in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil from the 5th to the 7th of February 2019.

NCT South America is a world-class, three-day CBRNe event which will kick-off with an Opening Plenary, chaired by Maj. Jose Antonio Zea Aguero, Director General of the Centro de Informacion Quimica (CINQUI).

Alongside the traditional conference program and workshops, the event will include a live exhibition followed by a static display to show the capabilities of the CBRNe and C-IED products and teams. After the conference, one night will feature a Churrasco party, which provides delegates, speakers, and exhibitors at the local, regional, and international levels with a unique networking opportunity to continue networking until after the sun sets in Copacabana.

This year’s conference stream highlights topics, such as Medical Preparedness in CBRNe, Detecting CBRNe Threats, and Decontamination; multiple experts from the regional and international level will meet to discuss cooperation for joint response to CBRNe and EOD threats in Latin America and more. The conference will include the participation of high-level officials, academics and members of teams that intervene in CBRNe threat situations in Brazil, Latin America and other parts of the world. Their participation ensures that the experiences and knowledge about CBRNe threats and response frameworks and solutions are of the highest caliber, with the main goal of making this world a safer place for everyone.