Bertin Technologies

Bertin Technologies – a CNIM Group company – relies on its long experience to develop and manufacture a wide range of high added-value systems and instruments, to contribute to the critical missions of sovereign sectors. As a recognized partner of public institutions and industrial contractors, it has proven over the years its ability to support the Defense and Security sector by offering solutions dedicated to optronic surveillance and reconnaissance, sampling, detection and identification of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) threats, Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS) network, as well as cybersecurity and intelligence. Its know-how and expertise extend from the development of processes and prototypes, to the design and supply of highly - technological equipment for challenging sectors such as:

  • Defense and Security
  • Nuclear and Radiation protection
  • Space and Big Science
  • Life sciences.

Assistance, training, installation, commissioning, and in-factory servicing are all after-sales solutions provided by Bertin Technologies for the maintenance of its products in operational conditions.

Optronic technologies

Being part of the French leaders in industrial innovation, Bertin Technologies provides optronic equipment for day and night surveillance and observation under harsh environmental conditions. Achieving high performance levels, its advanced technologies can cover a broad range of military and civil applications from search and rescue missions to the protection of deployed forces in close combat or covert operations, to the occasional or permanent monitoring of critical infrastructures (airport, harbors, oil and gas facilities, nuclear power plants, etc.) or major events (sport, cultural, political).

Its comprehensive portfolio of instruments comprises, among others, the following devices:

  • A lightweight night & day vision enhancer (FusionSight®), combining 2 viewing modes - color low light and thermal - to use separately or in smart fusion. Increasing detection, reconnaissance and identification capabilities up to 3km., FusionSight® is firmly established as a key device for short- and long-term tracking and surveillance operations. Thanks to its thermal sensor, it allows to identify targets – either victims or enemies - through the smoke or any other darkening agent, even in the darkest nights (up to Night 5). As for its color low light sensor (designed by Photonis), it offers high-resolution pictures in extreme low light conditions (10 mlx). Equipped with an image processing function, FusionSight® is capable of automatically identifying key information from each sensor, thus offering incomparable image quality regardless of visibility conditions (low or high).

A lightweight night & day vision enhancer FusionSight®

  • OEM camera modules to be integrated into the heart of complex optronic systems (CamSight®), available in multiple versions: thermal, low-power thermal & low-light level. Ultra-compact, ruggedized and easy-to-install, the CamSight modules are particularly intended for manufacturers and integrators to equip unmanned aerial or ground vehicles, Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) systems, etc., and enhance the operators’ surveillance capabilities and local situational awareness.

The Module Camera CamSight®

  • Situational awareness system for vehicles, ships and critical sites (PeriSight®), offering thermal and day and night visualization, as well as short- or long-range vision up to 360°. Adapted to the operational requirements of the military and civil security forces, PeriSight® provides a high-quality perimeter vision of the air, land & sea environments in all conditions, up to 2 km. Compact, the PeriSight® module can be integrated into all types of vehicles or be installed on top of critical, strategic infrastructures. Being modular, it can work as a standalone device or be integrated within a PeriSight-based system for perimeter surveillance or driver’s vision enhancement.

Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) networks

Designed by Exensor, a Bertin Technology subsidiary, the Flexnet® solution is dedicated to surveillance and force protection. Based on wireless and battery-operated sensors (seismic, acoustic and infrared), combined with night and day cameras, the quickly-deployable Flexnet® platform records movements to detect, classify and identify any potential threat on the ground. As a tailored solution, it enhances situational awareness and strengthens operational capability over broad zones of interest.

The Flexnet

Comprehensive solutions for the detection and identification of Chemical, Biological, Nuclear & Radiological (CBRN) threats.

Bertin Technologies provides high-end equipment to detect, identify and monitor CBRN threats, and therefore contributes to the anticipation, prevention, and immediate response to such risks. Efficient threat reduction involves early detection, hence mitigation and elimination of the adverse effects of a CBRN attack against the population and the environment. Consequently, with greater anticipation comes quicker remedial action.


Bertin Technologies offers a standalone chemical and toxic gas cloud detector (Second Sight®) for real-time surveillance and source localization at a maximum distance of 5km. By doing so, Bertin Technologies contributes to chemical risk management as such substances can be found anywhere in the form of toxic industrial components (TIC) and warfare agents (CWA), and thus pose real hazards to the environment and human health. During production, storage and transportation, the potential release and exposure to TIC is a danger manufacturers try to avoid at all costs.


Bertin Technologies also provides solutions to monitor the quality of the environment with the use of specific tools for the collection and analysis of samples of infectious agents. By controlling the air’s microbiological quality, it actively participates in the implementation of operational responses and medical countermeasures, as contamination comes mostly from aerosols’ inhalation.

  • Portable biological air sampler (Coriolis® Compact) with a dry cyclonic technology for indoor and outdoor sampling, up to 8 hours of autonomy.
  • All-in-one qPCR kit (Biotoxis) for simultaneous detection of B. anthracis, Y. pestis and F. tularensis.

Coriolis® Compact

Nuclear & Radiological:

Bertin Technologies designs and supplies systems and instruments to control and detect very low radioactive contaminations and orphan sources, measure radioactivity in air, soil and water and prevent the illegal traffic of radioactive sources in critical sites.

  • Multi-probe survey meter (SaphyRAD® MS) to be used by the military, first responders and HAZardous MATerials teams for the assessment of radiological incident’s characteristics.
  • Special Nuclear Material detection system SaphyGATE GN for the monitoring of illicit movements of radioactive sources in critical sites such as customs, harbours or airports, coupled with a non-invasive inspection of vehicles, loads, pedestrians and luggage.
  • Gamma spectroscopic monitor DIRAD for continuous radiological control and monitoring of flows of goods, people and vehicles.
  • Autonomous radiation monitoring probe (GammaTRACER) for real-time measurement of radioactivity in air, soil and water. Being self-deployable, the Spider version is especially designed to meet the needs of first responders in an emergency scenario since it can easily be dropped out of a vehicle or a drone.