Argon provides high fidelity training simulators that enable safe, cost effective Chemical, Biological, Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) and HazMat training exercises to take place indoors and outdoors without the burdensome limitations associated with complex regulatory, health and safety or environmental constraints. Our CBRN simulation platform allows you to create multiple simulated hazards within the same exercise enabling your students to experience technologies such as Ion Mobility Spectrometry and Flame Photometry to practice the art of search and false positive discrimination or radiological search and identification using Personal Radiation Detectors (PRDs) and Radiological Spectrometers.

Chemical Training Warfare Simulators

Simulation CWA / HazMat sources enable you to quickly deploy a wide variety of scenarios ranging from localised search (within buildings, clandestine laboratories, suspect packages) to area survey / reconnaissance and even vehicle, cargo and people monitoring and decontamination with powerful After Action Review (AAR) so you can monitor and encourage best practice without the fear of damage to your operational detection equipment.

Radiological Training Simulators

Our latest Gamma simulation technology developed with the support of multiple well known nuclear energy agencies is so realistic we are regularly asked to assure a real source is not present. Using sophisticated electromagnetic technology supported by powerful proprietary signal analysis, the simulation of inverse square law and shielding is extremely convincing permitting simulation of both dose and dose rate simulation systems. Our unique partnership with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) has enabled us to licence RaFTS, a world class spectrometry simulation capability enabling you to create powerfully emergency response exercises right through to reach back.

For classroom based virtual training, PlumeSIM enables you to wirelessly link our simulators to Gamepad controllers (Table-Top mode) while outdoors training (Field Exercise mode) uses a GPS enabled personal tracking device, each mode enabling the simulators to present simulated readings based upon the students’ virtual or live geographic position relative to the simulated hazard.

You can configure Individual or multiple CWA’s, HazMat and radiological plume releases or “hot spot” sources at any time during the exercise. Meteorological wind field simulation enables plumes to be directed and redirected across the exercise area in real time with user definable deposition. Once the exercise is completed, PlumeSIM’s After Action Review (AAR) system enables you to discuss student learning outcomes and highlight potential improvements to their response procedures and decision-making process.

Customer Case Studies

In use with many military, emergency responder, nuclear facilities, specialist groups and industrial organisations worldwide, our simulation systems are modular, enabling you to start with a basic simulation system and progress to our renowned PlumeSIM™ instrumented wide area and table top CBRN training system. This simple but effective approach enables you to ensure you students enjoy what we at Argon call Real Experience Training (RET™).