If you are above the age of 40, or an amateur rock music aficionado, then the word “changes” recalls the late David Bowie’s iconic song dedicated to progress and the valuable role of next generation. Presumably, he meant his generation and the following (social) progress that was to infuse the narrative and rhetoric of the day… circa 1971 and beyond.

The NCT team and I are excited and encouraged by the changes taking place within our organisation, the profession we serve and the landscape within which we operate, learn, and progress.

It is in progress that we all hope to find improvements. Hence, this and the following editions of the NCT Magazine will feature new aspects that advance the NCT mission: to serve the CBRNe/EOD communities with unprecedented levels of professional support, resources and expertise.

You can look forward to these features in future issues:

  • Guest Editorials from thought leaders who have a unique perspective or level of experience related to the keynote topic of the next NCT event or NCT-related occurrence on the world stage
  • Digitally-enhanced news, analysis and announcements from around the globe – including vacancies and events
  • Exclusive Thought Leader interviews from the private and public sector – both in each issue
  • Best-Practice Case Studies drawn from our NCT conferences dedicated to CBRNe Training and equipment, with the aim to facilitate better cooperation, interoperability and unmanned support for CBRN and EOD Missions
  • NCT Intra-Views from members of the NCT Leadership Team about a recent event or development (e.g. the 13th CBRNe Protection Symposium) and what it means for NCT going forward in 2020-21
  • Revised Country Profiles with enhanced technical and procurement information useful for practitioners and NCT members and supporters in advance of our key events throughout the year
  • Equipment Capability Profiles as presented by leading innovators and NCT sponsors

These new NCT Magazine developments open opportunities for potential editorial contributors and industry partners. If you are interested in submitting an article to us that reflects your unique qualification and experience as a CBRNe or EOD professional, then I personally encourage you to contact our offices by clicking here. Tell us about the subject you are uniquely qualified to write about and we will provide you with our editorial submission guidelines.

If you are curious about how best to promote your company with your dwindling marketing budget, then we have a team of experienced advisors that can help you find the best focus and return for your limited resources. You have friends here willing to help your business grow.

Below are dates of the NCT events and conferences for the coming year.

I look forward to receiving your valuable feedback.

Stay safe,

Curtis Hand

Chief Editorial Advisor

NCT South America, Bogota – Colombia, 4-5 February 2020

NCT USA, Edgewood, MD – USA, 5-7 May 2020

NCT PRO eXplosive Trainings Cambodia and Thailand, 25-29 May 2020

NCT Middle East, Abu Dhabi – UAE, 29-30 June 2020

NCT Europe, Rome – Italy, 22-24 September 2020

NCT Asia Pacific & NCT eXplosive Asia Pacific, Seoul – South Korea, 11-13 November 2020