Unveiling the ISET 76 CBRN system by IMPERTECH

The Defensive Race – The Best Way to Stop the Arms Race The possibility of chemical weapons used for mass destruction is once again looming over the world, influencing civilians’ personal security and urging countries to take action.

Global experience and Israeli experience especially, teaches us that the best way to reduce the enemy’s intent to use WMDs is personal protection. When the army and civilians are protected, the operational value of such attacks is significantly reduced considering their political implications. Israeli Impertech is among the few global companies who can handle the challenge of equipping armies, special forces, law enforcement and vast populations with CBRN protective gear, in large quantities and in a short amount of time, as done at the gulf war.   At the 2022 Eurosatory Expo, Impertech will introduce the ISET 76: a unique and patented protective breathing system including a gas mask, a blower and a smart hose, developed by senior engineers from the Israeli defense industry. The ISET 76 offers many new advantages for users' safety and comfort and is expected to enhance tactical capabilities in hazardous environment

With its patented panoramic visor, advanced multi-feature platform and versatile filter attachments, the IM76 is the protection fighters need against CBRN threats in the defense world of tomorrow.   IM76 Gas mask enhances user safety with advanced solutions: Patented protected panoramic visor system Ballistic + anti-fog + anti-glare + anti-flash visors Internal optical visors for users with eyeglasses 6 adjustable straps, tightening the mask, preventing exposure to CBRN threat.   We designed the IM76 with special ergonomic advantages:   Modular filter assembly: front, left or right. Anthropometric: the mask fits effortlessly, sealing all facial structures and genders. Light, easy to wear and carry.   The product’s design offered a great opportunity to innovate also in manufacturing processes, and that allowed Impertech to be able to mass-produce quickly, at a significantly lower price than most of the current masks.

The IB76 - PAPR EMPOWERED   The IB76 is a cutting-edge development, designed to upgrade respiratory defense in hazardous chemical environments.   The IB76 PAPR system combines safety with comfort. Its innovative 3D flexible carrier and harnessing system makes the IB76 adapt to the body’s movements and shape.   Its compact size suits every need and activity. Several harnessing constructions allow wearing it on the back, thigh, or waist, according to personal or tactical preferences.   The Smart Hose The smart air supply system includes an integral on/off button near the mask’s air inlet, allowing convenient control over blower functions. The air supply hose is durable, flexible and long.   Quiet Operation • Patented rubber ring system embedded in the blower's body absorbs impact and allows quiet operation.

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