DST innovation GmbH - new competence centre with experienced heads

DST innovation GmbH in Germany is your new “bespoke tailor” for CBRNe protection. DST’s system solutions cover a wide spectrum of decontamination, detection, and medical CBRNe protection for military and civilian users.

From small portable equipment to turn-key system integration for complex missions DST covers the range of decontamination systems, medical CBRNe-protection, hazmat response vehicles, mobile laboratories, and containerized solutions. Furthermore, we provide a large range of decontamination agents. DST has focussed on humans: people and casualty decontamination, treatment and transport, skin decontamination, highly mobile solutions, emergency planning in hospitals, protection of operators in infectious environment, solutions for high visibility events and more. We accompany our customers and partners from the concept, development of an idea and realization of the production to the performance of trainings and life cycle support. We provide innovation and proven solutions.

In January 2022, DST innovation GmbH moved into its headquarters in Buchen (close to Frankfurt). Already in December last year the new company was founded and registered. Managing director and sole owner Thilo Schuppler has already been working in the field of CBRNe for more than 20 years, is a graduate chemist and NBC defence staff officer (d.R.).

Previously, he was head of R&D (later CTO - Chief Technology Officer) for more than twelve years at OWR GmbH, a company known for CBRNe and decontamination systems. From 2020 to September 2021, he was site manager and authorized officer at Schmitz Fire & Rescue in Buchen, the development and production site primarily responsible for Hazmat- and CBRNe export vehicles. At the same location and with almost the same team, a new system supplier and competence centre, primarily for CBRNe technology, has now been established there: DST Innovation GmbH. Apart from the address at the Buchen site, the new company explicitly has nothing to do with »Schmitz« and is not a legal successor. «We were able to make an offer to almost all employees. In this way, we have formed a very experienced team and kept the strategically important expertise in the company that we have built up over many years. A loss would have been inexcusable. My technical team, which is the bearer of the core competencies, is particularly important» said Thilo Schuppler. This is because almost all employees have many years of experience in the field of CBRNe systems and special vehicle construction with a high level of development expertise, as well as in national and international project management. Many were also previously employed by OWR or the CBRNe division of Schmitz before being taken over by DST innovation.

DST innovation GmbH specializes in customer-specific special purpose vehicles and innovative solutions. Key areas are conception, development, design, production or production support, documentation, delivery, export, and training. «CBRNe is an important capability in emergency response that is all too often underestimated. This is where expertise and experience are needed - you have to be able to speak at eye level with the people who need it».

The portfolio includes in particular: - BOS special purpose vehicles - decontamination - decontamination agents - equipment for application - mobile and portable equipment (»suitcase solutions«) - focus on decontamination and treatment of humans - detection integrated in vehicles and mobile laboratories - training for CBRNe emergency forces The portfolio is being expanded in the direction of police and non-police emergency response, tactical emergency medicine, hospital alarm planning, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD/IED) and military applications. The target is the national and international market. Standard vehicles are not to be produced in the process. «We have the know-how for special solutions»

DST innovation GmbH Boschstr. 1 – 74722 Buchen – Germany Office: +49 6281 563 4171 www.dst-innovation.de info@dst-innovation.de


Thilo Schuppler is the CEO of DST innovation GmbH – CBRNe Defence Systems & Technologies since 2022. His main aim is to secure the extraordinary competence of the team and to continue in the strategic important field of CBRNe.

In 2020, Thilo Schuppler joined Schmitz Fire & Rescue with the task to develop the CBRNe division, a new subsidiary in the Schmitz group. As director of the division, he was responsible for the CBRNe product line. The subsidiary delivered several models of radiological & chemical detection vehicles and decontamination systems. Additionally, he has been an appointed civilian NATO expert on CBRN since 2016. From 2012 to 2015, he was a CBRN consultant in the SENEKA project of the Fraunhofer Institute IOSB working on Sensor Networks with UAVs/UGVs for Disaster Management. Prior to that, he graduated in chemistry and worked as scientist at the University of Konstanz (Germany), at ALTANA Pharma and the University of Singapore. Besides his academic and professional career, he served in several positions as CBRN reserve officer and was promoted to the military rank of a Lt. Colonel in the German Armed Forces Bundeswehr.