First Line Technology’s suite of decontamination solutions are designed to utilize the Hybrid Decon method with two key products – Dahlgren Decon and FiberTect. Together, they work to remove and neutralize threats like CWAs, BWAs, TICs/TIMs, Synthetic Opioids, and Fourth Generation Agents. Utilize kits like the Personnel Decon Kit (PDK), FastGrab, or Enhanced Decon Systems Kit (EDS) based on your team size and be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

FLUA - The First Line Utilization Academy offers instructional courses on-site training at your department, in-house at our headquarters, or online for first responders like Fire, EMS, HazMat, and Law Enforcement, as well as Special Operations Teams and Military Personnel.

Opioid Detection Kit (ODK) – containing BTNX fentanyl test strips. First Line Technology’s Opioid Detection Kit (ODK) powered by BTNX contains everything needed to rapidly test and detect fentanyl and it’s analogs on-scene.

Personnel Decon Kit (PDK) – containing Dahlgren Decon, FiberTect decon wipes, and SpotShot sprayer. The Personnel Decon Kit (PDK) allows any user to remove bulk decontamination with FiberTect wipes, then neutralize any remaining contaminants by using Dahlgren Decon for a variety of immediate, tactical, operational, and cold weather decontamination needs.

Dahlgren Decon - A three-component decontamination solution that can quickly decontaminate most chemical warfare agents, toxic materials, and other emerging threats. In testing conducted by the U.S. Department of Defense and other federal agencies, Dahlgren Decon has been found to be the most effective and fastest reacting decontaminant on the market.

FiberTect’s unique three-layer design provides responders with a flexible, inexpensive, highly absorptive and broad spectrum protective fabric system. FiberTect is created using a needle punching non-woven method. FiberTect keeps like-cycle costs low and is self-contained and package for easy use, storage and transport.

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