H3D is changing the paradigm of radiation detection by offering the world’s highest-performing imaging detectors and spectrometers. Our imagers quickly identify and localize gamma-ray sources in only a single measurement—revolutionizing how radiation detection and characterization is performed. We improve upon the industry standards for gamma-ray measurement in the CBRNE field by using cutting-edge detection methods. H3D’s technology has several ruggedization and portability options, which are previously unheard of for gamma imaging.

Our CZT semiconductor technology has industry-leading energy resolution without the need for fragile cooling mechanisms. This technology lets H3D’s detectors report the spatial extent and direction of multiple sources all on a user-friendly interface. In addition to easy operation, H3D’s detectors can go from storage to the field in under two minutes, making them a great fit for regular or irregular operations.

H3D has a variety of devices available to customers, but our top-selling product is the H Series. The H Series is a complete solution to gamma-imaging needs, from shipping inspection, to dirty bomb emergency response, to stadium security. It has an optical camera and overlays the radiation image onto an optical image so it is easy to locate the radiation sources in the real world. There are a variety of wireless and wired communication options, and all the data are saved on a removable USB stick for easy access. H3D offers free in-person or virtual demonstrations so you can see how well our technology works at your facility. Contact us to learn more about what H3D can offer you!

Visit their booth at NCT Virtual Hub - Enhancing Nuclear Security, on July 6th!