CBRNe Society announces the launch of NCT Virtual to continue supporting the CBRNe Community in fighting Non-Conventional Threats.

NCT Virtual comes at a time where knowledge exchange on Non-Conventional Threats is crucial in view of the world-scale biological crisis we are currently facing. NCT Virtual has been thought and designed for you to experience once more an NCT Event but online. Over the duration of two half-days, NCT Virtual USA will gather key stakeholders from the American CBRNe, C-IED, EOD Community in a unique platform. High level speakers will share their knowledge during multiple conference sessions, while the industry exhibition will give attendees the opportunity to learn about new technologies in a realistic and interactive environment. Multiple networking opportunities will offer the possibly to interact with delegates and exhibitors through private chats, group discussions, video chats. The event will provide a unique setting to discuss potential future cooperation and learn about R&D projects from the leaders of the American CBRNe, C-IED, EOD Community.

On the day of the event, you will be welcomed to enter our virtual Lobby room. The NCT Event Team will be there to welcome you and answer any of your questions. From the NCT Lobby you can access all the different rooms available at the event: our helpdesk, the conference room, the exhibition room with booths, the networking lounge etc.

Like in our real time events, there will be unlimited possibilities for networking and learning thanks to virtual discussion rooms and dedicated areas. Additionally, like in a real-life event, you will be able to interact freely with public and private stakeholders and delegates via private or group chat, “hand out” catalogs and products information and insights, upload promotional videos and of course, you will be only a click away from NCT Event team when you need support.


The Conference Room is the virtual room where you can attend all the different conference sessions. During each session, there will be presentations, followed by a Q&A session to further debate and engage in the event. You will be able to reach out to the chairman and ask questions.


The difference between the real and virtual event exhibition is that there is no floorplan and positioning. All brands are visible at any time! From the Exhibition Room, you can access all the exhibitors’ booths in one click!


Get your own virtual space and customize it based on your needs! Our Event Team will support you in setting up your booth and will provide all the support you need to understand and manage the platform thanks to a dedicated training session and support call. Promote your brand, products and services in a unique immersive way. All functionalities are available for attendees in one click!


The networking lounge brings attendees together via one-on-one, small group chat for personal conversations, or group chat for open dialogue. Additionally, the innovation lounge (by invitation only), offers government project managers and R&D professionals the chance to discuss contracting opportunities and joint projects.