As a recognized partner of public institutions & industrial contractors, Bertin Technologies – a CNIM Group company – has proven its ability to support the Defense & Security sector by offering systems & solutions dedicated to optronic surveillance & reconnaissance, detection & identification of all Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear threats, as well as cybersecurity & intelligence.

Its know-how & expertise extend from the development of processes & prototypes, to the design & supply of high value-added equipment & systems in technologically challenging sectors: • Defense & Security • Nuclear & Health Physics • Energy & Environment • Space & Big Science

Chemical gas cloud detector: Second Sight®, a standoff chemical & toxic gas cloud detector for real-time surveillance & source localization.

Radiation Monitoring Systems:

- SaphyRAD® MS, a multi-probe survey meter especially designed for operations in harsh environment, to be used by the military & hazardous materials & emergency teams;

- Special Nuclear Material detection system (SaphyGATE GN), that monitors illicit movements of radioactive materials in critical sites such as customs, harbors or airports, while providing a non-invasive inspection of vehicles, loads & luggage.

- Automatic real-time Gamma spectroscopic monitor (DIRAD) which continuously watches the flow of goods, people & vehicles.

- Autonomous radiation monitoring probe (GammaTRACER) dedicated to the measurement of radioactivity in air, soil & water. The Spider version is especially designed to meet the needs of the first responders in an emergency scenario. Self-deployable, the probe can be easily dropped out of a vehicle or a drone.

Portable biological air samplers & detection kit: Coriolis® Compact, a portable air sampler based on a dry cyclonic technology allowing an 8-hour autonomy, along with the all-in-one qPCR detection kit Biotoxis.