We live in an industrial society and benefit from the possibilities of modern technology. But no technology is without risks. It is part of our lives, despite all safety standards, that dangerous substances can be released. High visibility events, such as the FIFA World Cup or other major events, can easily be targets of terrorist activity. This has been seen many times in the past. The task of civil protection is very often more difficult than in military operations. AIRSENSE therefore develops highly specialized detectors for dangerous substances. AIRSENSE Analytics was established in 1996 by Dipl.-Ing. Wolf Münchmeyer and Dr.-Ing. Andreas Walte. The innovative company is based in Northern Germany and is specialized in the manufacture of security devices for the defense industry. The significant change in threats also in military operations means that measuring instruments have to become more powerful in order to be prepared for the next “thread of the day”. Not only the increase in the number of detectable substances, but also the operational flexibility for different scenarios is essential.

AIRSENSE is established as one of the world’s leading manufacturer of safety equipment and instruments, which are manufactured in Schwerin at AIRSENSE Headquarter, covering areas of CBRNe: civil and military protection and assistance, public safety and special applications in aviation, logistics and environment. AIRSENSE not only wants to achieve a higher level in public safety but also wants to achieve more in many other areas of application, to contribute to making the world a safer place. World's leading manufacturer of patented Sensor-Array-Technology Based on the technology, the high-end detectors in the portfolio evaluate all-important chemicals in a single measurement and are therefore ready for any operating situation. The questionable substances are poisonous gaseous chemicals that have a toxic potential even in low concentrations, explosive substances, weapons-grade materials and radioactive material. These instruments deliver a measurement result within seconds when people are checked, or sensitive locations are monitored - all in all a particularly high level of security. With its broad technological expertise in the field of C detection, AIRSENSE can meet customer requirements "outside the standard" in a flexible way.

Military operations and tasks on civil security have a stronger focus on certain Toxic Industrial Components as they are expected more in terrorist use.

Therefore, AIRSENSE has developed the newest innovative personal detector that provides these purpose - the GDA-Personal.