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The Annual Decommissioning Strategy Forum

17-18 June, 2019

Nashville, United States

"The annual Decommissioning Strategy Forum gathers industry and government officials to learn how to capitalize on opportunities in the nuclear decommissioning market. Hear from decommissioning experts, state and local regulatory officials, and technology providers and leave with clear tactics to apply to your decommissioning strategies."

World Summit

17-19 June, 2019

Bethesda, United States

“Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Fifth Annual Biodefense World Summit brings together leaders from government, academia, and industry for compelling discussions and comprehensive coverage on pathogen detection, point-of-care, biosurveillance, sample prep technologies, and bio recovery. Across three days of programming, attendees can expect exceptional networking opportunities in the exhibit hall, engaging panel discussions, and shared case studies with members of the biodefense community from technology providers to policy makers. The 2018 summit saw more than 250 participants with 35% of attendees titled as scientist/technologist, 30% as executive/director, and 11% as professor.”

NCT Europe

25-27 June , 2019

Vienna, Austria

Join us for the 8th edition of NCT Europe’s CBRNe, C-IED, and EOD event series in the InterContinental Hotel in Vienna, Austria from June 25-27 2019! The partnership with the Austrian Ministry of Defense and the Austrian Armed Forces guarantees the presence of regional and international stakeholders: from high level decision-makers, to civil and military first responders. We invite you to take part in the latest discussions on the newest ways to combat these ever-evolving threats, whilst passing through the outdoor NCT Industry Exhibition showcasing novel technologies. Vienna is the perfect location for a regional event, as a crossroad between Eastern and Western Europe. Following the NCT Europe tradition, NCT offers the best networking with delegates from around the world whether during the famous NCT Welcome Party, the NCT Expo Tour or the Live capability demonstration.