European Decontamination Institute (EDI), compiling and exchanging knowledge about decontamination of hazardous substances

The European Decontamination Institute, EDI, was founded in 2013 thanks to the support of the European Demolition Association, EDA. Now, almost eight years later, the European Decontamination Institute is considered the leading platform that brings together national decontamination associations, engineering companies, decontamination contractors and suppliers. Its origins can be found in numerous conferences, projects and other types of activities related to construction, where different issues on hazardous substances present in construction materials were pointed out. It is at this point that professionals were aware of the lack of knowledge about the decontamination industry on the jobsite. There was not enough knowledge about the identification of hazardous substances, on how to handle the different types or about the prevention of the different health risks faced by the workers. It was this void that led the Board of Directors of the EDA to promote the creation of this European association, with which they aimed to provide new information about this industry and to promote the proper decontamination of hazardous substances. An objective for which the Institute has been working all these years and for which remarkable goals are being achieved. Speaking about goals, the main one for the European Decontamination Institute is to compile and share all the knowledge about the decontamination of hazardous substances, showing the reasons why the decontamination activity is so necessary. EDI counts with the cooperation of specialized organizations, public R&D institutes and international experts from reference organizations like the European Chemical Agency, the Stockholm Convention, the European Network on Silica and the International Atomic Energy Agency, among others.

EDI publications One of the main activities carried out by the European Decontamination Institute is the publication of different deliverables focused on hazardous substances. A series of publications that seek to collect the good practices of the sector, as well as to analyze the current situation of the industry. In this sense, we have the Special Publication 2020: Decontamination of hazardous substances. A specialized book that represents the efforts of the association to obtain a recognition of the importance of the decontamination industry and its regulation in Europe. This publication is focused on disseminating information about why decontamination is necessary and define what hazardous waste are and why they are dangerous. This is done through articles by companies and collaborating entities that support EDI’s actions and are involved in this commitment. This publication, especially addressed to stakeholders, decontamination entities and other organizations involved in hazardous waste, decommissioning, dangerous substances and decontamination is available for online consultation (free) or to order a hard copy, is conceived as a document about the industry, the standards and techniques in decontamination and the novelties that everyone involved or related to this industry has to know. Another outstanding publication that perfectly exemplifies the work of the European Decontamination Institute is the European Decontamination Industry Report 2020. This report, the first in the history of the Institute, includes a visual overview of Europe’s decontamination industry, information about the evolution of the companies in 2019 and the forecast for 2020. It also provides a general picture of the situation in Europe elaborated from several sources of information, most of them available to the general public and some as special reports published by specialized organizations, such as European Economic Forecasts (European Commission), EUROCONSTRUCT Conferences, reports and EUROSTAT. All the information used in the elaboration of this industry report was collected using an online survey with 16 questions that were translated into 10 languages in order to gather information about the evolution of this industry from a total of 14 European countries.

In constant evolution In addition to specialized training for workers in the industry, the European Decontamination Institute considers that it is essential to inform and educate professionals related to the decontamination industry. Thus, EDI is developing different activities that aim to expand knowledge about decontamination techniques and best practices, like webinars and thematic sessions. These types of activities have been implemented since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, and will bring together many professionals in the industry, who have not stopped learning even in a time as complex as this. These webinars and thematic sessions are one of the greatest projects and challenges for the European Decontamination Institute in this year 2021. A year in which EDI will continue working to promote the work of the decontamination industry, as well as the importance of knowing in depth the hazardous substances that appear in the construction sector, with the purpose of reaching the maximum possible safety in the industry.

If you want to know more about the work of the European Decontamination Institute, you can visit our official website and consult both its objectives and services, as well as the publications mentioned above and other activities carried by EDI.