By Mr. Nicolò Brugnera, Consultant, OAK Defence, The Netherlands

OAK: An Eye for the Details

OAK Defense BV is a recently established company, but its founders are well-experienced professionals in the field of CBRN. And it is indeed through this decades-long experience and a keen eye for details that they realized something was missing in the market: a kit specifically designed for the protection and needs of VIPs. Every so often we think of CBRN attacks as part of a large scale, massive conflict. However, recent cases such as the Anthrax attack on US congressmen, the assassinations of Kim Jong-Nam and Alexander Litvinenko, as well as the attempted one of Alexei Navalny, showed a different reality.

CBRN threats indeed are a growing concern for world leaders, politicians, and other VIPs. The recent attacks against VIPs confirm the new trend in CBRN attacks against targeted individuals: the assassination of Kim Jong-Nam using a VX nerve agent in 2017 in Kuala Lumpur airport, the Novichoks attack against the former Russian military officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury, in March 2018, or the more recent poisoning of the Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny in August 2020 are amongst the most striking examples. In the case of a CBRN attack against a VIP, immediate contamination and treatment are vital to ensure the victim’s survival and reduce the time of exposure.

That is why OAK Defense came up with the idea of the CBRN VIP Kit. This kit provides the end-user with the capability to protect and treat VIPs. The victim of a CBRN attack needs to be decontaminated and treated with emergency CBRN care to ensure survival and prevent death or permanent damages, and OAK CBRN VIP Kit provides security services with all the tools needed to accomplish this mission. The case is small and light, easy to carry around at all times. The products included are carefully selected and evaluated by experienced consultants in the sector. There are temperature strips to evaluate the cases’ external and internal temperature, PPEs, swabs and sampling equipment, decon products, and preventive medication.

The innovative set-up of the case allows an intuitive and practical approach to the kit usage: during emergencies, there is little to no time to think. The inserts are divided into two levels for the two steps of operation: the user will find what is needed first. The VIP includes a products booklet and instructions as well, explaining step by step the procedure to follow.

The VIP Kit is composed of the following products: Trauma Kit: treat trauma and stop the bleeding immediately Escape Hood: provide your principal with protection against inhaling CBRN threats Decontamination Spray SD-1: remove the chemical warfare agents that contaminated your principal Radiogardase Prussian Blue: treat Celsium-137 ingestion immediately Dimaval: treat mercury poisoning directly Detection Paper Calid-3: quickly detect the CWA used against your principal TERRA-1 Bluetooth: detect radiological contamination of food and objects Altropine Auto-Injector: save the life of your principal contaminated with nerve agents such as VX, Sarin, and FGAs

The CBRN VIP Kit is “made-to-order” by OAK Defense and hand-delivered to the client. Training, included in the purchase order, will be provided by a professional, experienced trainer. This is to ensure the client’s proper understanding of the different products as well as the steps to follow in the – unfortunate – need of use of the VIP Kit. To conclude, OAK Defense CBRN VIP Kit offers a needed and long-awaited solution to the ever-growing threat of CBRN attacks targeting specific individuals. Click here to find out more.