Mr. Martin Saettenes
Founder, Spectac

Why and how did you start Spectac? 

During my 15+ years of serving as an operator, cadre and eventually officer within the Norwegian Armed forces managing the units for operational C-IED and WMD defeat, I noticed a substantial lack of real-life training and lack of the right tools to be able to defeat the non-conventional threat (NCT) we faced both domestically and internationally. Being part of a NAVSOF unit held to the highest standards, we tried to develop strategies and tactics to defeat these treats. With an extended training wing and many branches battling over resources, the idea of starting a company grew. We really wanted to provide the operators with that crucial life-saving training and first-class tools. 

Having led a cross-functional team of foreign nationals during multiple international and domestic operations, we discovered that issues with real-life training and sufficient tools to solve real-life treats in a high-risk environments was also an issue for our counterparts. 

With a highly skilled team from diverse background from the Navy EOD, NAVY & ARMY SOF EOD and High Threat Search Engineers, as well as the encouragement from some of the world’s finest warriors across the globe, we established Spectac AS in 2014. 

We now design and develop advanced technology, training simulators, advanced NCT training within the fields of C-IED, MNT, EOD SOF integration, CBRNe, WIT/SSE, Mobility and Breaching as well as pre-deployment training. We work in close collaboration with our customers and the industry to search for, find and/or develop solutions for the operators at risk. We wish to pass on Spectac’s invaluable experience in order to to better prepare our first responders, assault units and bomb technicians worldwide. 

The Spectac Modular Cutting & Entry Box.It allows the operator to change panel walls of different material IOT to train easy cutting & entry techniques. 

Who is your typical customer and what is the range of their roles in an non-conventional threats environment? 

Spectac’s typical customers are primarily highly specialized units, teams or individuals who request focused training programs in support of the clients’ National Strategic Objective on a worldwide scale. Our ultimate goal isto provide them with a superior advantage in fighting terror. By providing a relevant curriculum to the respective nations’ DOD and DOJ, Spectac transfers decades of knowledge and experience to first responders battling IEDs, CBRNe threatsand WMD. Spectac currently work with various European Police Bomb Squads, SWAT units, Special Operating Units and conventional units who all are on the frontline battling domestic and international asymmetric threats and IEDs. 

Spectac Diagnostic Trainer: The Diagnostic Trainer allows the operatortolearn, train and maintain procedures

and techniqueswith regards toeverything from basic detonator diagnostics to more advanced switch and sensor diagnostics.

Spectac Sensor Trainer:

It is developed for EOD and Technical Operators

dealing with advanced improvised circuits and

alarm systems. The Sensor Trainer is a

modular system thatmay be set up as a desktop

training system in conjunction with the

Sensor Simulator Box.

What makes your solutions uniquely effective? 

Our people are our greatest asset. They bring unsurmountable experience that is the cornerstone of all the work we do, be it the development of new technology or making a custom training curriculum. Spectac and its partners’ ability to challenge established truths and procedures embracing change enable us to be a step ahead of those who wish to do the civilized world harm. We proudly promote our sensor defeat and training simulators as unbeatable. The function form and performance and letting the operator train highly advanced procedures anywhere in the world while on the go are unique. 

Our real-life scenario training is thoroughly customized for each of our client’s needs. As we work closely with units all across the globe, we are able to build bridges between NCT communities, creating common ground and a safe learning/sharing environment for all allies battling the same threats. Our mantra is that quality is better than quantity. We always strive to give our customers with limited time and resources the exact training they need. With the team’s experience we can quickly adjust the training to meet the users’ demand instead of taking them through training they do not actually need. 

How does Spectac work with non-conventional threats professionals who work within at-risk situations in order to create specialized / bespoke training solutions? 

We see huge skill level variations in the different countries we work with. Our main task is making sure the unit starts at the right end so they are able to get to the desired end state. Many units are battling tight budgets and internal bureaucracy but also high expectations from higher echelons. Spectac work closely with unit decision makers to make sure we create a curriculum and training blocks to meet their overall strategic objective. We do not take on courses where the unit’s overall objective is not strategically rooted. It is very important that the first responders feel they master the level of training they sign up for. We often see customers wanting the highest level of training without having the basic knowledge. This because it’s expected, but they have gaps in their expected capabilities.

Spectac partake in unit exercises or create evolutions to evaluate and determine what kind of level of training to start with. Through the company and its partners’ network we are able to find the right instructors for the right unit and training objectives, - be it MNT, CBRNe or WMDs – to foster custom technology development to make a fitted solution. 

Core activity of Spectac is R&D to make innovative and better products, services and solutions for the operators at risk.
Spectac has in-house capability to develop products from idea to industrialized production line.

Spectac signal and electronics engineering capabilities consist of industrial electronic design experience, from major electronic system design to theoretical studies using advanced simulation techniques and detailed electronic design for subsea controls, automotive, avionics, and military systems. Spectac is an industrial partner for Military and Law Enforcement agencies. Working closely with research facilities and units on project with everything from Proof-of-Concepts to production and industrialization.