01-03 Ocotber 2020

The 10th International Workshop on Measurement , prevention, protection and management of CBRNE risks follows the successful 7th IARP-RISE’2015 held at the Portuguese Naval Base (BNL), the 8th and 9th RISE’ 2017/2019 held at ICI, Belgium and it is aiming to gather high quality original contributions in the CBRNE field and associated CBRNE measurements, prevention, protection and management with the final goal of assessing the most recent developments in this utmost domain of science and technology. The Workshop scope covers a broad spectrum ranging from advanced conceptual and virtual design and methodology, sensors, actuators, instrumentation, and real-time control algorithms to innovative robotics , mobile (ground/aerial/undersea) robotics, personal and collective protection, multilevel rescue operations and management applications. It will contribute to provide a full picture of the state of the art in the area of increasing CBRNE risks. The key words you will use are essential to organize the different sessions for this conference.

Time schedule

An abstract (approximately 200 words in English) should be received not later than 15 March 2020 Electronic submissions of the abstracts ( PDF-files) should be mailed to:

[email protected]

[email protected]

Abstract proposal deadline: March 15, 2020

Final selection: March 31,2020

Receipt of full papers: April,10, 2020

Scope and Topics

  • Measurement of CBRNE –related environmental risks Environmental CBRNE surveillance;
  • Search and Rescue in CBRNE incidents/accidents);
  • Medical management of CBRNE agents in indoor targets (teaching facilities, entertainment facilities, hospitality facilities, etc.);
  • CBRNE ground/aeria/maritimel robotic systems
  • CBRNE detection sensing systems

Local Organization Committee

Workshop inquiries to: CBRNE RISE’’2020

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