DConX: a New Product by Oak Defense

By Mr. Subi Kalo, Sales and Marketing Director, Oak Defense BV

Oak Defense BV was established in 2018 in Leiden, The Netherlands, as a vision of entrepreneurs experienced in the CBRNe field. Despite its relatively short history on the market, Oak provides high-quality and innovative products to the Public Health and CBRNe sectors, combining the knowledge of the pharmaceutical and medical world with the operational world of CBRNe operators, resulting in excellent solutions for complex problems. DConX is an emergency spray for the decontamination of skin, clothing, and surfaces. It is a medical device Class I, certified in the European Union, and as such, it is used to neutralize and decontaminate:

• Toxic industrial chemicals • Chlorine • Explosives • Oxidizing agents • Acids • Bases • Aldehydes • Other toxic substances

DConX contains ascorbic acid to inactivate oxidizing chemicals and explosives, an amino acid that acts as a buffer, and a calcium salt as an active agent for fluoride acid and fluorides. Glycerine and polyethylene glycol are added as solubilizers. It reduces strong oxidizing agents (e.g., chlorine, hypochlorite, cholerine dioxide, chloramine T, bromine, iodine, fluorine, hydrogen peroxide, or peracetic acid) to compounds that are no longer active, e.g., chloride, and neutralizes acids and bases. Explosives are inactivated, and formaldehyde is bound as imine. Fluorides are precipitated to insoluble calcium fluoride. Organic solvents and chemicals are dissolved, and heavy metal salts are bound as complexes. Inactivation and neutralization only take a few seconds after the contact with a chemical. Only the precipitation of fluoride as insoluble calcium fluoride is delayed, taking up to 2 minutes. DConX can be used even if the chemical in question is unknown, thus there are only very few restrictions on its use. It inactivates or neutralizes acids, alkalis, oxidizers, fluorides, aldehydes, and phenols. Organic solvents, chemicals, and heavy metals are dissolved and removed from the uppermost layers of skin and textiles through the solubilizers and the hypertonic preparation. DConX is also dermatologically tested, so it is safe to use on the skin – if applied as instructed, i.e., application on uninjured skin with an exposure time not exceeding one hour.

DConX is free of any hazardous substances. This means it is non-flammable, non-corrosive, or otherwise harmful to health. Therefore, it is not classified as a hazardous substance or dangerous good and can be transported and stored in all buildings, vehicles, aircraft, and ships. This makes DConX a product that is very handy in terms of usage, transport, and storage. It has a shelf-life of at least two years and does not need cold storage, as it can resist for long in temperatures up to 35°C. This means it can be placed in various vehicles, ambulances, labs, industrial halls, and similar.

DConX is delivered in pelican cases in kits. Each DConX kit consists of two separate bottles, bottle A and bottle B, and one spray head. Both bottles contain colorless, clear liquid. For proper use, both bottles need to be inserted into the spray head and used together. Affected areas should be sprayed several times until all visible areas are covered. It is recommended to let the spray sit for at least two minutes, before rinsing abundantly. Red coloration of the affected area shows that oxidizing agents have been inactivated.

As mentioned above, DConX is user-friendly, not requiring the end-user to have any prior medical training. That being said, DConX can still be used by a very wide base of end-users, such as: Rescue services Laboratories First aid medics Hospitals First responders CBRNe units in the army and police forces VIP protection staff

In conclusion, Oak Defense has been able to deliver an innovative product to counter CBRN threats, with very limited usage restrictions, and free of hazardous substances. The product is user-friendly yet suitable for a wide array of end-users with different needs and requirements. It is very stable, hence having excellent storage and logistics specifications that make it suitable for almost anyone. Several end-users across the EU recognized that since DConX has already been in operational use.