The calendar year winds to a close.
“So what? Big deal!”

The calendar year winds to a close. “So what? Big deal!” my inner curmudgeon heckles while his fingers rest in his ears to block out holiday music and the soundtrack of a deluge of cheesy Coca-Cola and department store adverts on radio and television.

Why is it that many of us wait until the year is over before we take a moment to reflect?

Well, no more...we did our reflecting months ago and will continue to reflect, act and improve on each succeeding issue of the NCT Magazine within its new framework.

Starting with this issue of the NCT Magazine, readers will be able to reflect on a great number of matters that are important to our profession, no matter what role we play in countering non-conventional threats. The December 2019 issue hosts several thought-provoking interviews, which, when meditated upon, will reveal much about the subjects covered in relation to ourselves and our own professional mission.

In 2020, our issues will be guided by rotating, overarching themes that complement the new information, announcements and analysis that benefit readers each month. These subjects will include:

  • Training, Simulation & Joint Exercises
  • Medical Treatment & Human / Animal Decontaminatio
  • Detection, Non-Proliferation & Material Decontamination
  • Explosives, Demining & EOD

and, a single issue dedicated to...

  • Inter-Operability, which will be preceded by a global survey of the entire NCT Society’s members, discovering the challenges and solutions for improved inter-operability.

We will also discuss and reflect upon the upcoming and past NCT conferences each month alongside:

  • relevant country profiles;
  • executive summaries from research and presentations by thought leaders at NCT conferences;
  • original articles submitted by CBRNe community members;
  • selected letters of the month from readers; and,
  • interviews with an international array of innovators and leaders from governmental bodies and (emergency, environmental, military, and public safety services) industry that supports the CBRNe communities everywhere.

Moreover, we invite you - experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the CBRNe community - to consider writing a short article for us, sharing your best practices or key learnings. Interested? Send us an emai at: [email protected]

These new developments are all designed to provoke reflection, discourse and discussion as a means to share and learn from each other. This is one of the main benefits of belonging to and being active in the CBRNe community.

In the meantime, the end of a year is also fit for tidings and celebration - of course! Even though Ramadan, Rosh Hashanah and Diwali have passed by and while Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza are yet to come, even the curmudgeonly me cannot resist getting into the spirit of things.

No matter personal beliefs or the holidays one might observe, we are of one community, united by a desire to counter non-conventional threats wherever they might lurk... and the recent days show us (once again) there is no break in being vigilant against these threats even during the winter holidays. So, I wish you and those you care about a wonderful holiday season and a New Year!

Stay safe,

Curtis Hand

Chief Editorial Advisor