Europe’s largest CBRNe and EOD event will take place in Germany for the first time! Once again NCT will be the leading forum for European and international CBRN and EOD Defense Commanders, civil first responders, law enforcement agencies and industry representatives to exchange knowledge on future mission requirements, research and development and next generation CBRNe, EOD and C-IED threats. In addition to the conference and exhibition, teams of first responders will have the opportunity to train on various EOD, C-IED, Demining and CBRNe scenarios during the NCT PRO Trainings. Teams from all over Europe will be trained based on their requirements using the newest technologies provided by participating companies. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of the number 1 CBRNe and EOD event in Europe.


  • CBRNe Threats in a Large-Scale Conflict: Russia-Ukraine Scenario
  • Medical Preparedness for CBRNe Events
  • Multi-Hazard Approach to Disaster Risk Reduction, Response and Recovery
  • Emerging CBRNe Technologies
  • Preparedness for the Next Generation CBRNe Events
  • FORMATEX 23 CBRN Technologies User Workshop
  • NCT CBRNe Commanders Round Table

LOCATION: Universitaet der Bundeswehr Muenchen

The Universitaet der Bundeswehr Muenchen was founded in 1973 with the aim of providing officer candidates with a university education that also prepares them for civilian careers. Located on a former military airbase on the outskirts of Munich, the campus university combines studying with living, research, and work. From Civil Engineering to Sports Science to Business Computer Science, the Universitaet der Bundeswehr Muenchen and its ten faculties offer a diverse range of studies in two domains: University and University of Applied Sciences. Today there are around 3,500 registered students, including 300 civilians. International officers from partner universities and international civilian students also come to study at the university every year. All of the university’s degrees are state approved. The Universitaet der Bundeswehr Muenchen has a special profile. It offers not only engineering and natural sciences, but also social and economic sciences and the humanities, allowing the departments of the University to perform in-depth research into a wide range of subjects that are of great social relevance. The university is research partner of the EU project FORMATEX23.

NCT PRO eXperience

NCT PRO eXperience is the training component of NCT events. During three days, civil and military first responders will be trained to respond to CBRNe, C-IED, EOD, demining scenarios with the aim of promoting interoperability, multinational and multi-agency cooperation. That is why each training scenario will have two different types of teams training together. Each training session will have a scenario that is tailored to the training needs of the participating teams and sponsors.Over the duration of three days, teams of professionals will be trained based on their expertise & requirements using equipment provided by leading CBRNe, C-IED, EOD and demining companies from all over the world. Teams can experience the latest technology and equipment while industry receives valuable feedback on their products.