CBRNe is a team sport: now more than ever

The Corona crisis has shown us, that we all need to work together to deal with this threat: doctors, nurses, public health officials, crisis managers, the military, industry and many more. None of us can do it alone.     Over the past weeks, the NCT team has focused its efforts in bringing PPE to doctors, nurses and first responders. We delivered 1.5 million KN95 masks to The Netherlands, delivered masks to Italian diplomatic missions all over Europe and supported businesses with PPE to enable them to continue their missions. We are proud of the NCT team for being able to adapt and overcome the Corona crisis and show the world what they are made off. This week, RTL4, a Dutch national channel, dedicated 4 minutes of their time on showcasing what the NCT Team has accomplished.     We are not here to compete with anyone. If you have trouble getting access to the equipment you need, we ask you to reach out to us. Either we link you up with a supplier that can help you, or we try to help you ourselves.     This issue of NCT Magazine is dedicated to the Corona Crisis. We believe that a strong link between industry and governments is essential in dealing with CBRNe crises, such as Corona, and have therefore opened the magazine for all companies to list their products for free. You will therefore find a wide range of solutions that can help you improve the capabilities of your organization and strengthen it to fulfill its mission.    In May, we will host the first of the NCT Webinars. To continue our mission to provide a platform for networking and knowledge exchange in a time of lockdown and in a 1,5m economy that make it hard to host events, NCT goes digital to provide you with such a platform.    We can only be successful in our mission to provide this platform with your help. Of course, we would like you to read our NCT Magazine and to participate (for free) in our Webinars, but we also like to ask you if you have stories to tell, experiences to share, solutions to provide, to share these with us. The NCT Platform of events and media is only as strong as the community it supports. NCT needs you!    On behalf of the NCT Team, we wish you, your family, friends and CBRNe colleagues good health, strength and all the best during these difficult times. Keep in mind that CBRNe is a team sport, and that together we can beat this threat, and together we will!    Ilja M. Bonsen  Managing Director, IB Consultancy  President, CBRNe Society    Anna Paternnosto  Director Governmental Affairs, IB Consultancy  Vice-President, CBRNe Society