EGO Zlín, established in 1992, is a producer of systems used in emergency situations. The Czech company deals with the deliveries to clients working for public sector such as hospitals, health rescue service, police, fire brigades, CBRN defence units, etc.

The company is focused on the emergency system, decontamination system, system of biological protection, tent system, system for immobile patients and system for veterinary practice. Regarding the protection against highly contagious diseases, including COVID-19, there are special negative pressure isolation chambers, a variety of protective biological and chemical suits, and transport devices. The Bio-bag is a mobile device enabling safe transportation of infected patients. It offers BSL-4 standard of protection and there is an availability of switching negative or positive pressure modes. The bag is manufactured using high frequency welding and such technological procedures and the use of special airtight materials guarantee that the inner environment is safely sealed. It is possible to carry out basic treatment procedures during the transport.